A spiritual Leader Ghawth-az-Zaman Ala Hazrat Baba Ji Khawaja Muhammad Qasim Sadeeq (RA) (b. 1263 A.H)

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Hazrat Khawaja’s ancestors were migrated Iran and settled in Rawalpindi District of Pakistan. Hazrat Khawaja Sahib was the Ghaus-az-Zaman of his time better known among the great Sufis as the Spiritual Sun on the horizon of the East. Hazrat Khawaja Baba Ji’s 120 years of life, forms a proud chapter of Islamic renaissance in this region of Asia.

The order of Sufis (Mystics or Sainthood) preached by the Khawaja Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) and continued by his family today is an-Naqshbandiyya al-Mujadidiyya al-Qasmiyya. Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) was given permission from his Murshid, His Holiness Khawaja Nizamuddin Awliya (RA) of Kahiyyian Sharif in four orders – Chistiyya, Qadriyya, Suhrwardiyya and Naqshbandiyya. But Khawaja mainly preached Naqshbandiyya and Qadriyya orders.

(His Holiness) Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) acquired his elementary education at home according to the Islamic traditions.

From the very childhood he had established his inquisitive brilliance of mind and thought. For higher education in Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh) and Shariah he underwent long journeys to various centres of Islamic learning at the time.

At the early age of twenty he had completed his education in various disciplines of Islaam. After education attainments he devoted himself to prayers and preaching the message of Islaam.

He also had laid foundation of the Masjid (Mosque) in Murree region where he was Imam of the mosque and used to teach children and deliver daily lectures on different subjects of the religion.

Soon he became famous as a man of great learning. Hundreds of truth-seekers would sit around him and would listen to his beautiful preachings. The light thus started spreading far and wide. His name became known as household name both near and far. This is the glory and fame he attained on the formal side of his education. But still a greater lasting fame was awaiting him. And that was his spiritual height he conquered during his lifetime.

His Holiness Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) was a professional wrestler before he became he received his higher Islamic education. He used to win all the competitions and was very famous wrestler. One day when he won the competition as he was coming out of the fighting ring, an old Saint was passing by who said to him “Allah has not created you for this, you have to serve a very big purpose”. At this point in his life he stopped wrestling and went to receive his higher education.

He felt inside the spiritual thirst for which he travelled on foot many places in search for the spiritual guide. He met Baba Fazal Shah Kalyami (RA) of Kalyam Awan (a place near Rawat, Rawalpindi District in Pakistan), who was a Qalandar (Very high spiritual status among Sufis) of his time whose Namaz-e-Janaza (Funeral Prayer) was led by Qutb-al-Aqtab Ala-Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah Sahib (RA) of Golra Sharif in Capital Islamabad of Pakistan. Baba Fazal Shah (RA) told him that his Bayah is not at his hands, he should goto the mountains of Kashmir where he will found his Murshid. Qalandar Baba Fazal Shah Kalyami (RA) also gave him the dried flower and told him to keep it safe whenever this flower will come back to life you will know that you found your Murshid. (Inshallah more will be added in future regarding his meeting with Qalandar Baba Fazal Shah Kalyami (RA).

His Nobleness Hazrat Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) undertook on foot journey and received spiritual inspiration from his Murshid (Guide) His Holiness Ghawth-az-Zaman Khawaja Nizamuddin Awliya of Kahiyyan Sharif in Neelam Valley, Kashmir. The Murshid acquainted his disciple with all the stages of spiritualism at a single glance. And after spending few days at the Dargah of His Holiness Ghawth-az-Zaman Khawaja Nizamuddin Awliya, then Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) was bestowed with Khilafat and asked by his Murshid to take his sojourn at Mohra Sharif, Murree. At that time this place was not as it looks today. It was the habitat of savage wildlife like leopards, lions, etc.

Then Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) according to the advice of his Murshid undertook a 40-day spiritual ordeal (chillah/Khalwah). The stone slab on which the Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) sat for 40 days (day-and-night) is preserved even today as a relic (Taburrak) at Mohra Shareef. Who new at that time that Fortune was working silent to bring brilliance and worldwide fame to Mohra Shareef.The place became a permanent abode of Khawaja afterwards. It was here that he spent the rest of his life. Millions of devotees assemble every year at this Centre to pay homage to the auspicious soul of His Highness the Khawaja of the East, Hazrat Pir Muhammad Qasim Sadeeq Baba Ji Sarkar (RA) – The Lion of Allah and the Patron Saint of the East.

During his lifetime he brought thousands of Non-Muslims to Islam specially the region of Kashmir including Kotli who was largely inhabitant by Hindus at that time. It was Khawaja who brought these people to Islaam.

Apart from offering obligatory five times a day prayers the Khawaja would offer one thousand “nawfil” (optional prayers) each night beside other routine prayers (like Tahujjud, Ishraq, Chasht, Salat al-Duha, Awabeen). Also whenever he took a step he would do Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah) Ism Zaat (Allah Hoo), with right foot at each step he inhale Allah and exhale Hoo when placing his left foot. He also adviced his Mureeds (disciples) to do Dhikr Ism Zaat (Allah Hoo) and Dhikr Nafi Asbaat (first Kalimah Shareef) besides the obligatory prayers. It was his usual practice to hold preaching court (Darbar Shareef) to impart spiritual education to the devotees. Special stress was laid on faith fortification and on instilling the lesson of Tawheed (Oneness of Allah).

It is characteristic of his devotion to prayers that he did not abandon even for a single time offering of prayers even when physically indisposed.

When he entered his 95th year of his life he fell ill. At his bedside he called his son, the First Sajjada Nasheen (Custodian of Dargah (Monstary)), His Majestic Holiness Crown of Sufis (Mystics) Khaja Ghareeb Nawaz Ameen-ul-Ummat Ala Hazrat Khawaja Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan known as Khawaja Pir Khan Sahib (RA), who had already attained spiritual heights, and conferred his “Khilafat” on him.

About two weeks before his breathing last while in “Isha” prayers he summoned members of his family and “Khulfa” to advice them to remain very kind, generous and helpful to every body who comes to them. He adviced: “whosoever comes to you he should be treated gently, kindly and fatherly. No room should be brooked for prejudice, envy, bias, etc.”

At the conclusion of his precious advice he took off his Dastar (Turban) and conferred on His Glory Aaala Hazrat Khawaja Pir Muhammad Zahid Khan Sahib (RA) who is popularly known as Hazrat Khawaja Pir Khan Sahib (RA).

His Holiness Hazrat Baba Ji Sarkar Muhammad Qasim Sadeeq Passed away on the 20th November of 1943 leaving behind millions of disciplines and devotees to mourn him. His funeral prayers were offered three times on the day of his demise due to ever swelling number of mourners attending his funeral.

Silsilah :Sadeeqiyya Tu’Fyriyya  Khawajaniyya Naqshbandiyya Mujjadidiyya Qasmiyya


Allah Subhaana wa ta‘ala


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